Our Story


We've been doing this for a while

Hi, my name is Mark Joseph and i'd like to share with you my story and the birth of GrowYourBrand.co

Before we start there's one thing I want you to keep in mind. In full transparency, I have run marketing agencies for the past 8 years, through which we not only build custom blueprints for large brands, but also implement the strategies we recommend for them across; Influencers, Facebook Ads, PPC, SEO and Strategic Partnerships.

However, the agency fees we charge within the agency are much like other London based marketing agencies (starting at £3,000 per month + retainers). 

With the growth in e-commerce and service based brands, we have identified a high demand for smaller brands with the need for world-class marketing blueprints for a lot less.


We are practitioners, not guru's

We have not packaged up theories within our custom blueprint plans. Everything we suggest, we have either implemented as a winning strategy for brands we are working with, or it has worked for our own brands.

Only the successes make it into our GrowYourBrand.co blueprint plans for the brands we work with.


About Mark

I graduated from Hertfordshire University with a degree in Media and Law, during this time I had been studying paid search, SEO and affiliate marketing in my downtime.

At university, I had the idea for an Affiliate website to support a second stream of income, but could not afford the £20k - £50k quotes I was getting at the time in order to build this new brand idea.


Fatherhood was the motivation I needed

At the same time I got the news that I was about to be a father (to the most amazing human). This little man changed my life and helped me start adulting in business!

This was the motivation I needed. I now only had one choice. To spend the next 9 months reading books, watching videos on how to code in PHP, build website databases, and how to market effectively online (This was before Wordpress and Shopify came to surface and made life so much easier).

First brand building efforts

First Affiliate Website Making 5 Figures A Month

After 9 months of learning how to build websites using PHP and MYSQL databases, I had built my first website (a property lead generation website). For the next year I would obsess over SEO and paid search traffic (when paid search clicks were a beautiful 10-20 pence per click). Through relentless trials, I was soon ranking on the first page of google for 50 key locations for my website. I eventually got my revenue up to five figures a month - through leads being generated to estate agents throughout the UK. The revenue generated through this website allowed me to buy my first property at the age of 22 years old.

At 24 I joined PHD Media (An Omnicom Agency) as number 2 in the performance department, overseeing Paid Search, SEO and Affiliate Marketing strategies for brands such as Cadbury's, Estee Lauder and Virgin.


Headhunted at 26

Within two years I was headhunted by Oliver Bishop, CEO of STEAK. Who would soon become my first mentor. Ollie hired me as the youngest director for one of Europe’s largest media agencies at the time. I went on to become founder of the performance marketing department at STEAK, swiftly growing brand campaigns profitably for brands such as John Lewis, British Gas and Expedia.


Selling STEAK digital to DENTSU

In 2011, we sold STEAK to 360i (A Dentsu agency), at which point I left to start my own digital media agency in order to disrupt the overpriced, rigid and outdated digital marketing agency model.


Founding My First Agency 2011 - 2018

Empowered by other agency and brand owners on the front line, our original idea was to create a knowledge base of what has worked and what hasn't, and provide this information for smaller brands without the large marketing budgets.This was a time when social media was beginning to see increased budgets move across from search marketing.

We initially focused purely on Social CRM (audience insights) & Social Media Content with a pure performance focus. All that mattered was driving sales, leads and ultimately growth for my clients.

Mark Joseph - social media agency

We then pivoted and grew the agency into one of the first pure-play Influencer marketing and content agencies in the UK. Picking up multiple awards such as Social Buzz and DADi Awards each year.

Through strategic Marketing plans (& executing these plans with agency services) we delivered over £4Million in new revenue for brands in 2018 alone.

During my time as Managing Partner (2011 and 2018) we generated over £20+ Million in client revenue for some of the world’s largest brands, startups and SME’s.

My Agency Days

After 6 years, I left the agency we had built, in order to start my own e-commerce brands, whilst continuing to consult and support brands that couldn't afford £3k+ monthly media retainers, access to these strategies.


Recognised As An Industry Leader

The results I delivered for clients through digital strategy and execution, are now seen through our work at GrowYourBrand.co and was the founding reason for being recognised as one of the brightest talents in Media, winning the Media Week and Daily Mail 30 under 30 award.

Mark Joseph 30 under 30 Media Week and Daily Mail Award Winner

Mark Joseph 30 under 30

Alongside GrowYourBrand.co and the agency, I have four other e-commerce websites, each driving over six-figure revenues within its first 4 months of trading.

We will help further 2,000 brands grow their online profit in 2019

Fast forward to 2019…

We have helped over 500 brands and entrepreneurs Grow Their Brands and the journey continues!  My goal in 2019, is for us to continue to share successful strategies to grow brands through the digital eco-system. Knowledge we gain daily through growing our own brands and our clients brands within the agency.

We continue our mission each day, to help brands, entrepreneurs and digital marketers access profit driving action plans & strategies, unique to their business without the 4 figure monthly retainer. 

To be known, liked and trusted as a brand has never been as important as now. A pure offer based message with a 30-day cookie window will no longer cut it.

Consumers are savvier and less trusting, influencers are less trusted, brands must innovate and communicate a clear & clever value-based story before asking for cash.

We want to inspire brands to step out of their comfort zones and take more risks online. To test more activity and in turn deliver more revenue, leads and engagement growth across their online channels. 

Brands that continue to play safe without a proven strategy will continue to get safe and 'normal' results in a shifting landscape.

Above all else, we create personable, actionable brand plans that deliver GROWTH.


Our Mission

We work to the belief that the right brand activation & marketing plan shouldn’t break the bank before you even get started. Our goal is to give smaller brands the chance to compete through tailored and unique marketing blueprints that deliver optimum sales and leads.

We're changing the way brands think about customer acquisition by delivering premium, actionable strategies at radically fair prices.

 Grow Your Brand Team